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Castings, Forging and Alum extrusion

China has vast resources when it comes to foundries, and the costs per casting are very low, especially when compared to domestic sources.

One major consideration when buying castings from China is that the cost to make tooling, patterns and molds are very low. This fact alone saves you thousands and in many cases tens of thousands of dollars.

We know that consistent quality is your concern. In addition to the factory's QC processes, our people in China also spot check the shipments for dimensional and material defects. To help us in providing you with the best parts possible, it is important that we get good prints and/or samples from you in the beginning.

We can also quoting any secondary options you need done on your castings, including drilling, tapping, machining and grinding, as well as any finishing, such as nickel or chrome plating, black oxide, paint or other types of finishes.

Some  types of casting/molded parts we can provide:

  • Aluminum Castings
  • Gray and Ductile Iron Castings
  • Brass Castings
  • Bronze Castings
  • Investment Castings
  • Steel Castings
  • Zinc Die Castings
  • Plastic injection molded parts

Why chose us for your casting need:

  • Access to a large number of foundries in China that are producing thousands of castings per day.
  • Cost per casting is often 30-45%+ below those of domestic sources.
  • Small, medium and large castings easily produced.
  • Greatly reduced mold and tooling costs.
  • Quotes are provided free of charge; all we need is a print and/or sample part.

Sample of Pictures for our Casting, Forging and Alum extrustion

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