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New Product Development

Have a new or patented product that you want to get manufactured?
We can get your product manufactured overseas with no setup fees.

We can offer you:

  • Vast manufacturing resources for all products and industries.
  • Quotes free of charge. We locate a qualified factory in Mainland China, send them your product specifications, and obtain a quote for you.
  • Mainland China manufacturing price, which is often 20-30% (and more) below the cost to produce the same product from domestic sources.
  • Years of successful experience in setting up the manufacturing of new products, from start to finish.
  • Assistance in helping you set up a license agreement with the factory overseas, where they agree to produce your product exclusively for you.
  • Guidance in the complete process of importing.

Notes to inventors or persons with an idea for a product:

We receive many inquiries from persons or inventors who have an idea for a product. Please note that our main purpose is in manufacturing products overseas - we do not do any kind of original engineering or prototyping, nor do we develop business plans.

Prior to contacting us you should have done the following:

  • All necessary engineering and prototyping of the product to prove that it works or performs as is intended.
  • You must have either prints or drawings of the product, or a sample or prototype - we need this to show our prospective factories in order to provide you a quote. We are not responsible for returning any prints or samples.
  • You will need to have developed a sales and marketing plan and have a general idea of the quantities you can sell each year. We need to know your purchase quantities to get the most competitive quote.
  • You must have the financing in place to not only purchase the inventory, but sustain your business.

Please keep in mind that we only work with production run quantities.

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